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  • Detail:   The picture below is our hospital for “ chang e one ” the development of directional antenna composite material extension arm. The extension arm is made of carbon fiber composite material, and the rod system can maintain good dimensional stability under the condition of intense space alternating temperature.
  • Detail:   Beijing Electron Positron Collider is a kind of advanced instrument to study the structure and motion of basic particles. It is a large particle physics experimental device designed and developed by our country. Harbin glass fiber reinforced plastic Research Institute is one of the major units of the Beijing Electron Positron Collider (BEPCII), which is mainly responsible for the development of ...
  • Detail:   Glass fiber reinforced plastic insulation protection system: Harbin FRP Research Institute of glass fiber reinforced plastic protection system developed in 1999 in Iran, Tehran subway, has been running for seven years. In 2002 for the Beijing City railway and Beijing subway. Used in Guangzhou metro line four in 2005. Used in Beijing metro line five in 2006.
  • Detail: Australian BUNDAMBA water treatment works 50000T/DAt present, the world's largest glass fiber reinforced plastic pressure vessel (18) officially in the global business 
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