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  • Name: Filament Winding Technology
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  • Time: 2011-09-07
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  Harbin FRP Institute is the first institution in China that is engaged in the research of filament winding technology. By combining research on motor case and other pressure vessels, we put forward the basic law of filament winding for the first time in China, established a relatively complete filament winding technology system and have been in a leading position in this field of China. At present, our filament winding products have covered motor cases, launch canisters, gas cylinders, rods with different uses, and other product models, among which the ball-type and ring-type gas cylinder winding technologies are initiative in China and have applied for patents.
  The winding technologies we develop independently include: Large polar-hole ellipsoid-type end socket cylinder shell winding technology, unequal polar-hole ellipsoid-type end socket circular cone shell winding technology, unequal polar-hole ball-type end socket cylinder shell winding technology, unequal polar-hole spiral winding technology, plane winding technology, multi-angle combination winding technology, ring-type pressure vessel winding technology, ball-type pressure vessel winding technology, etc.