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  • Name: Prepreg Laying Molding Technology
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  • Time: 2011-09-07
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  Prepreg laying molding technology is an advanced composite material structural component molding technology developed on the basis of the composite material optimum structural design. Using this technology can accurately control the fiber volume content of the composite products and realize the requirements of variable cross-section, variable angle, thin wall, laying design and optimum structural design of large-opening composite structural components; it is a critical technology that has solved size distortion, cut-out reinforcement, incontinuous stress transfer in the variable cross-section area of the composite material structure due to solidification heat stress and solidified shrinkage stress. We also have researched lots of carbon composite product load-carrying structural components.
  Harbin FRP Institute has been leading this field in China. Products it made have been extensively applied in aerospace, aviation and military fields; and the products are mainly divided into: advanced composite load-carrying structural components, advanced composite profiled structural components, and advanced composite optical components.
  The carbon fiber composite camera support load-carrying component has a double-layer reinforced polygonal irregular structure; and height of the internal grid ribs is different, and can be up to 150mm. The skin thickness is unequal.


  The composite truss solves the challenges in rectangular cross section mold design molding and demoulding of closed supporting rings. The designed different types of assembly tooling guarantee the truss flatness, parallelism depth, relative positions of the hole and other difficult technical requirements well.