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  • Name: Integrated Molding Technology
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  • Time: 2011-09-07
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  Composite integrated molding technology is currently widely used in aerospace and other industrial technology fields. The adoption of this technology can greatly reduce the number of parts and fasteners, and realize related integrated molding technologies of composite structure from design to manufacturing. Composite integrated molding technology has the following advantages: 1) Reduce parts costs; 2) Reduce the assembly costs of the structure; 3) Easy to realize the design and layout of products with a complicated structure; 4) Can reduce the laser emission cross section of the mechanism parts and improve the stealth performance.
  To meet the demands of weapon models, Harbin FRP Institute was the first in China that researched the composite mixing process integrated molding technology in the mid-1990s, worked out mode design, pressure control, internal stress elimination, accuracy guarantee, and skin-sketch co-curing technologies and developed missile capsules, instrument cabins and other products. After more than ten years of development, this technology has become the most competitive core technology of the Institute.

  Composite main load-bearing component adopts advanced mixed composite manufacturing technology, an upright orthogonal grid reinforced thin-wall structure and skin integrated molding.

  Composite cabin section adopts the composite mixing technology integration molding technology and is currently the carbon composite major load-bearing component used in China with the highest load bearing requirements and a complicated structure.

  Carbon fiber composite grid reinforced thin-wall conical shell structure uses fiber continuous winding and prepreg laying union process to achieve molding at one time.