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  • Name: Pultrusion Technology
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  • Time: 2011-09-07
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  As the first scientific research and production unit engaged in pultrusion technology research in China, Harbin FRP Institute has had its own core pultrusion technologies after years of research and development. The institute has been in a leading position in this field and has formed a complete process system. Its products have been exported to foreign countries. Now, the Institute has built a complete ladder step-type production and R&D team and been leading the Chinese market in terms of high-performance pultrusion product manufacturing technology, unequal-wall-thickness profiled pultrusion material manufacturing technology, large-size thin-wall pultrusion material manufacturing technology, and high pressure resistant insulator mandrel manufacturing technology.
   The carbon fiber reinforced core the Institute develops features light weight and strong tensile strength, and runs well in test. The large-scale deployable mechanism composite rods the Institute develops have excellent mechanical property and good space environment resistance. Subway shield series products belong to large-size thin-wall products and have the features of great molding difficulties, corrosion resistance and inflaming retarding (reach grade B1), and they have been successfully applied in Beijing and Guangzhou subway projects and even been exported to Iran. The long-term operating voltage of the high-voltage-resistant insulator mandrel the Institute develops reaches 500KV; and the mandrel has been connected in the grid and run in many provinces of China.