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  • Name: Contact Rail FRP Insulation Protection System
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  • Time: 2011-09-07
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  Contact rail glass fiber reinforced plastic insulation protection system includes contact rail protective cover and protective cover bracket. The outer surface of the contact rail protective cover is grounded, and any point on the inner surface can withstand the voltage of 10kV, the product has good resistance to burning, the flame retardant requirements reach V-0 grade, and the low smoke and halogen free. The product does not absorb water and does not deform.
  Harbin FRP Research and Development Institute of glass fiber reinforced plastic protection system was applied in Iran in 1999, the Tehran subway, has been running for seven years. In 2002 for the Beijing city subway and Beijing subway. Used in Guangzhou metro line four in 2005. Used in Beijing metro line five in 2006.