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  • Name: Prepreg Manufacturing Technology
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  • Time: 2011-09-07
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  Prepreg is an important raw material to produce high-performance composite materials. Harbin FRP Institute took the lead in introducing hot-melting preimpregnation units from the United States early in 1980s. It began the research and application of hot-melting preimpregnation technology since then and now has had its own proprietary intellectual property rights and developed different types and different specifications of prepreg. Its prepreg products include: Carbon fiber/epoxy resin, glass fiber/epoxy resin, aramid fiber/ epoxy resin; and the prepreg product grades contain: AF100, AF150, CF100, CF150, CF200, SGF150 and SGF200.


  The prepreg the Institute researches has been successfully applied in Shenzhou, Chang’e and other national key projects.