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Harbin Institute of glass fiber reinforced plastics Institute held a general meeting

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        At the end of 2015, the Communist Party of China glass fiber reinforced plastic Research Institute of the General Assembly held in the main building, Harbin conference room five. Group Party Secretary Ye Yingchun, deputy general manager, chief accountant of the province, the provincial Party Committee Office of the CPC Central Committee, the group's senior manager of human resources department, attended the meeting of the president, Mr. Song Wenxian attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Yang Song, deputy party secretary of the hospital, all the members of the board attended the meeting, part of the preparatory party members and non party members attended the meeting.

        The curtain was opened in the solemn national anthem. The hospital party secretary Xu Hui on behalf of the school Party committee made a speech entitled "ningxinjuli escort for Kazakhstan Glass Institute built first-class science and technology enterprises and strive to" work report, the report made a comprehensive summary of the past eight years of Party leadership at glassy Kazakhstan Institute of the Party committee under the work made achievements, and pointed out the shortcomings, the main goal for the next five years and the next stage of the task. The general assembly also seized on the Commission for Discipline Inspection Report and report the use of membership dues were considered.

        At the meeting, the provincial state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission and the leadership of the speech, the group Party Secretary Ye Yingchun on behalf of the Party committee of the group made an important speech. Ye Yingchun pointed out that the Kazakhstan Glass Institute as a group of innovative enterprises, adhere to the difference of the road, with the structure and function of composite materials and equipment manufacturing industry, to create first-class science and technology enterprises as the goal, adhere to the road of development of military hospital, the civilian hospital strong strong, made some gratifying achievements. Ha. Academy of Party building and operations match, plan, implement, a window, and ensure the development of the enterprise, the company party committees of Kazakhstan Glass Institute eight years to gain achievements give full affirmation and high evaluation. At the same time, the leaf spring has also put forward three suggestions on the work of Party building in Kazakhstan Glass Institute: one is to further study, improve the understanding, put attention to the work of Party building to a new height; the two is to seriously practice the three three real strict, to improve the grass-roots party construction work to a new level; three is to hands both hands to promote, promote enterprise reform and development has made new achievements.

        Meeting of the Communist Party of Harbin "China FRP Research Institute Party Congress election measures" (Draft), in accordance with the principles of openness and fairness, by secret ballot and competitive elections to the election of Yang Song, Chen Hui, Hou Diyang, Xu Hui, Luan Shilin 5 comrades for the new glass institute party committee Kazakhstan. The election of Sun Baohua, Yang Song, Zhang Haitao 3 comrades as a member of the Commission for Discipline Inspection Institute of Kazakhstan.

        After the closing ceremony, the new glass Institute ha Party committees and Discipline Inspection Commission held the first plenary session, Mr. Xu Hui was elected secretary of the Party committee of Kazakhstan Glass Institute, Chen Hui, deputy secretary of the Party committee, comrade Yang Song as the glass Institute, comrade Yang Song as secretary of Kazakhstan Institute. The new party committees will continue with the development of Kazakhstan Glass Institute as the center, actively play the role of political core of the party, led the cadres and employees to strive for the realization of the "13th Five-Year" Planning Institute of Kazakhstan.

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