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Song Zhiping attends the African entrepreneurs Conference

Writer:徐茂凯Source:经营生产部 Number of visits: Date:1/19/2016 07:04 PM

        The afternoon of December 3rd, President Xi Jinping's visit to South Africa and attended the integrity of China Africa Cooperation Forum on the occasion, Song Zhiping was invited to the meeting held in Johannesburg, Chinese and African leaders and Business Dialogue cum Fifth China Africa Entrepreneurs Conference and delivered a speech.

        Combined with the theme of the transformation of the mode of investment in Africa, Song Zhiping focus on strengthening investment and financing cooperation, and promote the advantages of building materials equipment out of China, to promote China Africa cooperation in capacity, elaborated the important internal links. He must strengthen financial cooperation on building materials China going out, especially in the important role of non cooperation plays, and hope to further increase direct investment in the future, in order to meet the needs of African countries, the height has a good significance of sustainable development of the project, to further accelerate the investment capacity cooperation process. Song Zhiping said that the future China building materials to establish the localization of equipment manufacturing base, building materials processing industry park in Africa, expand the new energy, new housing and business development, broaden and deepen cooperation channels and investment funds and financial institutions, efforts, not only become the main body of investment absorption, will become the main investment operations, for non economic and trade exchanges. To make a more important contribution to capacity cooperation.

        China Africa Entrepreneurs Conference has been held for five sessions, is a platform for cooperation and exchanges between China and Africa and an important policy release. In the "The Belt and Road" and the "international cooperation capacity" in the context of the convening of this session highlights the significance.

        The China Africa Cooperation Forum also held a Sino African equipment manufacturing exhibition in the same period, designed to showcase the most advanced technology and equipment in China's major industries. As the sole representative of the building materials industry, the group was invited to participate in the exhibition, including the cement, glass, new housing, light industrial machinery and other international advanced level of equipment. Publicity show good results, by the guests attention. African presidents and government officials came to express their willingness to cooperate.

        The Sino African Cooperation Forum, Song Zhiping also witnessed the China building materials engineering and South African companies signed a 600 tons of float glass, two 600 tons of solar glass, a Nissan 5000 tons of cement production line, and the total size of 4GW photovoltaic power plant project cooperation agreement. The total investment of the project is USD 2 billion 500 million, which is an important basis for the expansion of overseas business development of the group, and strengthening the cooperation of non production capacity.

        Huang Anzhong, deputy general manager of China Building Materials Group, assistant general manager and general manager of international cooperation Wei Feng, chairman of China Building Materials Engineering, accompanied by the activities of the meeting attended by the chairman of the board of directors of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of construction and construction of the project, the Ministry of construction and construction of the building materials group, deputy director general of the Ministry of international cooperation, the Chinese side of the.

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