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Our hospital to carry out anti-corruption warning education activities

Writer:徐茂凯Source:经营生产部 Number of visits: Date:12/29/2015 07:06 PM

        In order to strengthen the clean government and anti-corruption education, our Party committee and Discipline Inspection Commission in December 9, 2015 for Party members and leading cadres organized a campaign against corruption warning education. We watched in the real case as the warning education material, we see by watching the criminal case crime case: some leading cadres do not pay attention to the world outlook, outlook on life and values of the transformation, desires expansion, betrayal of communist ideals and the purpose of the party, the outlook on life, values deviate from the the correct direction, moral imbalance, the country and the sacred right of the people, as for ill-gotten gains, a tool for personal gain, loss of faith, political economy, insatiably avaricious violation of Party discipline, embarked on a road of no return.

        The hospital discipline Secretary Yang Song asked Party cadres have a profound reflection, alarm bells ringing, be strict with their usual self-discipline warning. Party secretary Xu Hui stressed that anti-corruption and clean government is the top priority of the central work, but also the Party committee, discipline inspection work of the top priority. And this year the work plans and arrangements: first, each party should strengthen the "Chinese Communist Party disciplinary regulations" and "rules" of the Communist Party Chinese self-discipline learning; second with self correction, good organizational life three three; the third leading group of democratic life will be good.

        President Chen Hui combined with the actual work of our hospital to seal the management and use of specific guidance. Hospital leadership team members and middle-level cadres participated in the warning education activities.

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