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BASF melamine resin foam booster new generation Metro bus

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        On April 30, 2014, BASF announced that the 468 new generation Metro buses manufactured by Bombardier for the Montreal Metro will be equipped with a special number of melamine resin foam. The number of components used by Bombardier is provided by Artik/OEM, a foam producer.

        Basotect bubble density is only 9 kg / m3, helps to reduce the overall weight of the vehicle, so as to help improve the performance of passenger car Bombardier and energy efficiency target. The use of Ba instead of fiberglass can reduce the weight of the roof insulation structure by 35%. In addition, the installation of the components is also more simple, and will not have any impact on the vehicle's sound absorption performance and fire performance, which saves a lot of time and cost for the installation and production of the vehicle. Thanks to the unique nature of Pakistan for number of metro car noise management and insulation provides industry-leading solutions. The open cell foam structure is especially favorable for the absorption of medium and high frequency sound. Therefore, Montreal subway passengers will be able to enjoy a more peaceful, comfortable car space. The thermal conductivity coefficient of Ba is lower than 0.24Btuin/h-ft2-F, which can reduce the heat loss to the lowest and keep the inside of the car comfortable. Basotect based materials for thermosetting melamine resin, therefore has good flame retardancy, with ASTME162/E662 and ASTME1354 standard, only with the above standard materials are allowed to use in the United States on Railway vehicles.

        The melamine resin foam can be machined by cutting, wire cutting, sawing, milling, etc., to meet the stringent requirements for the size and contour of custom components. After the cooperation of all parties, and ultimately successfully developed for the roof of the cavity of the special "press install" parts. Artik/OEM vice president of business development Jim-Graham added: "Basotect parts size is very accurate, so the bombardier can directly press into the cavity within the body structure, thus reducing the installation difficulty, improve the overall speed of manufacturing."

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