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  In the 21st century, the world economy develops rapid and science and technology progresses every day. Composite, as a new type of material, has attracted high attention from people on its development. As the Chinese nation realizes the dream of flying, we win more opportunities, and face greater challenges, too.
  Harbin FRP Institute has gone through a glorious development process. It has grown up together with China’s FRP industry and has written an important chapter on the development history of the Chinese FRP industry. Through the unremitting exploration and hard work of several generations, now, the Institute has developed into a scientific and technological type enterprise with a first-class scientific research team, a complete scientific research and production system, a quality assurance system and an operation management system.

  Faced with today’s Chinese FRP industry, we bear in mind the glories in the past, shoulder the heavy task of casting a first-class scientific and technological enterprise, and are determined to speed up the rapid development of the FRP industry with a new look.

  Looking back, we are full of pride; while looking ahead, we know we still shoulder heavy responsibilities and have a long way to go. We will adhere to the idea of “People-oriented, Institute-based, Sincere & Honest, Common-Prosperity & Win-win”, continue to carry forward the good tradition of being brave to tackle challenges and being willing to make devotion, and join hands with friends in all walks of life for greater achievements and a more beautiful future!